Proxies and preventExtensions: how to avoid inconsistency in a membrane?

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Sun Sep 4 21:06:41 UTC 2016

> Could there be a Proxy.hasBeenRevoked(proxy) method?

The Proxy constructor only accepts targets and handlers when they are objects and are not revoked proxies.

I wonder what's the point of not allowing revoked proxies but allow revocable proxies which may be revoked later.

Anyways, this allows you to check if a value is a revoked proxy: you only need to ensure that it's an object but makes Proxy throw.

I think something like this should work:


Proxy.hasBeenRevoked = function(value) {

  if(Object(value) !== value) {

    return false; // Primitive value


  try {

    new Proxy(value, value);

    return false; // Either non-proxy object or non-revoked proxy

  } catch(err) {

    return true; // Revoked proxy



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