Standardize ES Worker

Park Hyeonu nemo1275 at
Sun Oct 23 06:10:49 UTC 2016

Now we're about to standardize thread-shared memory for EcmaScript( But how about the thread

For this topic, I don't think we should develop another thread spec for ES
as we already have a nice one - WebWorker. This spec allows multithreading
in web client and it's well-adopted on most modern browsers. So all we need
to do is just care some web-specific points of the api. Fortunately it's
already `new Worker()` not `new WebWorker()` and not so many points should
be fixed for it.

For the case to import web spec to ES spec, there's already a case like
this - Typed Array. It's originally standardized in Chronos group as a part
of WebGL spec, and adopted to ES later.

The spec I'm mentioning here is html5 apis including WebWorker,
MessageChannel, Structured Clone Algorithm, Transferable Object.

Sounds nice, isn't it?
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