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Gert Cuykens gert.cuykens at gmail.com
Sat Oct 22 03:11:12 UTC 2016

Apparently you can, I used jsbin to show the compiler errors which
would be the same if I gave you a html file. Notice that web
components (polymer to be more exact) tend to use inline scripting so
you can program more declarative and that the html template you are
using is close to the js code for that specific part, not in a
different file.

A complete other benefit would be the npm world can contain pure
typescript and you only need a nodejs compiler once nodejs support
es2015 modules. Now you need to make type definitions for your npm
package. I also believe the adoption rate of typescript would increase
allot. I know that I can't convince a js specialist into typescript
because they make far less mistakes then I do, but for beginners its
highly recommended they start with something like typescript before
you take off the typing training wheels and let them do pure js.

I think the Ecma262 community would benefit if they can tell the
world, look we will focus on the low level part and if you want
typings fine, here is the superset syntax specification to do so but
don't bother us again for typings go complain to Ecma26X :) It's going
to relieve friction between typescript and narrows the Ecma262 down to
the essentials without sacrificing blocking evolution in typings which
is essentially just syntax sugar anyway and never needed as a
essential part of Ecmascript. Or to phrase it differently, out source
the typings by making a agreement how to do so.

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>> There are two reasons for that, one is am not a typescript expert but if you
>> want the complete typescript syntax set I can look it up and try to summarize
>> the complete syntax and find some typescript expert who can help me on
>> this. Two I dont want to exclude other languages that I dont know off and
>> make them feel like they don't count. But I admit my end goal for me
>> personally is indeed aimed to typescript because I use it the most.
> If this is aimed at the fact that you would like to be able to paste TypeScript code into JSBin, please be aware that JSBin does have support for TypeScript: http://jsbin.com/xeticulini/edit?html,js
> Ron

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