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Gert Cuykens gert.cuykens at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 21:46:17 UTC 2016

Exactly, here is a concrete ES2015 example
http://jsbin.com/ruqekam/edit?html,output Now just add a simple
typescript type to any of the variables and notice everything breaks.
If ES2015 would be smart enough to ignore the typings I can use a
simple jsbin to share my code with others without any transpiling. I
want to avoid making this a typescript specific thing but just want to
point out that Ecma262 can be made more flexible to allow some supper
set syntax that browser vendors can simply ignore but editors like
vscode can use it for intellisense because it recognizes the extra
syntax as typescript for example.

On Fri, Oct 21, 2016 at 7:37 PM, Bruno Jouhier <bjouhier at gmail.com> wrote:
> Not sure I'm getting it either.
> One interpretation would be to have ES20?? treat TypeScript syntax
> extensions as comments. This would allow TS code to be directly consumed by
> JS engines, without a transpiler.
> The semantics of the TS type annotations could be standardized separately
> (and later). From a runtime perspective, they are just comments.
> But I'm not sure that this is what the OP meant.
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