expanding comments proposal

Bob Myers rtm at gol.com
Fri Oct 21 14:17:53 UTC 2016

Perhaps you could clarify your proposal, because I for one don't get it.

Are you talking about some new, additional commenting/pragma mechanism?
Are you talking about some kind of extension to existing comments, like
triple slashes?
You say new pragmas are a bad idea--yet isn't that what your proposal is
How would this work with TS?
I don't see how your examples fit into your proposals.


On Fri, Oct 21, 2016 at 5:28 PM, Gert Cuykens <gert.cuykens at gmail.com>

> I agree with that a new pragma decision being a bad idea. Sometimes
> it's hard to have a full picture on the benefits, I just hope that
> everybody understand even if they never used a transpiler of any kind
> before that tooling gets complicated. If for example a typescript
> document can get evaluated by a browser by just ignoring the typings
> that doesn't introduce any new functionality to Ecma262 itself,
> tooling would be made much easier. No copying into new files, no
> livereload problems, no source maps, no bundling needed etc. It will
> just giving the freedom for supersets like typescript or any other
> language superset to keep a clean syntax and share transparent
> information with other developers without the need for all the extra
> tools required. Note that I am using typescript just as a example
> because it is one of does languages that tries very hard to just be a
> superset, it will always compile plain javascript just fine. We just
> have to define or set the rules what syntax can be a superset.
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