Try/Catch always needed for await?

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Mon Oct 17 14:40:30 UTC 2016

On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 9:14 AM, Marky Mark <mark at> wrote:

> But if you dont, your program will never know about the error or do
> anything to handle it.

Perhaps this is where I'm confused. I'm under the impression that `catch`
shouldn't be used anymore than try/catch does when you're writing
synchronous code. I usually end up using try/catch only when there is a
higher likelihood of programmer error (e.g. JSON.parse). If my program
happens to throw, I don't just wrap that bit of code in another try/catch
but I go and fix whatever was causing the throw (if fixable). I don't quite
see how this changes with Promises or async code in general as I see a lot
of folks adding catch and wrapping `await` in try/catch  -- claiming that
it's* "very important" *to do this (quoting Alan above). Perhaps this is
from a time when Promises were swallowing errors and not reporting
unhandled rejections but it seems like browsers and node are fixing or have
fixed this issue. So, if my Promise chain rejects and I have not caught it,
I would just go in and fix whatever was throwing/rejecting (again, if


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