Why Number(symbol) crashes?

Oriol Bugzilla oriol-bugzilla at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 11 16:32:39 UTC 2016

In my opinion it's a bit incoherent that each object-coercible type behaves differently when coercing symbols to it.

Symbols can be explicitly coerced to strings, but not implicitly:

String(Symbol("abc")); // "Symbol(abc)"
Symbol("abc") + ""; // TypeError

Symbols can't be coerced to numbers, neither explicitly nor implicitly:

Number(Symbol("abc")); // TypeError
+Symbol("abc"); // TypeError

Symbols can be coerced to booleans, both explicitly and implicitly:

Boolean(Symbol("abc")); // true
!!Symbol("abc"); // true

Maybe the `Number` constructor could behave analogous to `String` and return `NaN` for symbols, instead of calling ToNumber.

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