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On Thu, Nov 3, 2016 at 10:08 PM, Leo Dutra < at> wrote:
> Why would UI/DOM access need to be serialized?

It already kind of does when working in single-threaded code. How
often do you need to do things like
`element.appendChild(document.createTextNode(text))`, instead of just
`element.appendChild(text)`? How often do you need to do
`Object.assign(, { ... })`? How often do you need to use
a loop to add an array of detached DOM elements to the live DOM?
Sounds like serialization boilerplate to me, just in single-threaded

> And Windows is a great reference of what not to do.  .NET as a whole too,
> since all before C# 6 comes from bad MS and all after is copied from
> somewhere. NT should be thrown away and be replaced by a sweet BSD layer
> The only thing they did well are Registered I/O.
> Threads are not that good in Linux because a process starup in Linux is
> blazing fast... And the work are not that great; except when you have a
> thread pool, and a process pool is quite not possible (at least I've never
> seen one for general application software).

I'm guessing you're not too terribly familiar with Node's `cluster`
module? It provides several primitives for building process pools, and
is fairly simple to use. Usually, people use it directly, not with a
general process pool abstraction.

It's more useful on the server than the client, though.

(Oh, and processes are comparatively cheap in Linux.)

> Hard work is not a reason to discard a gamechanging enhancement.
> There's many enterprises which prohibit devs from using threads and some
> other language features... They presume retard devs.
> A bad developer is not JavaScript issue. A JavaScript issue is the
> impossibility of doing something Java, C, C#, Python, Scala, Haskell, Go and
> a bunch more do with a simple keyword or method.
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