Proposal of Multithread JavaScript

Leo Dutra at
Wed Nov 2 15:37:27 UTC 2016

Bösch... run, change your name and hide in the mountains or they will burn
all this heresy.

> There is a difference between thread safety and unexpected event ordering
in a higher level language..  just because you don't think of it in the
language doesn't mean it isn't there... Also the js environments are multi
threaded, it's just those threads are for internals and abstracted away
from you in a safe way.

Sure. The same safe way we can multithread async and await as I said in the
first statements. That's what I'm calling seamless.

XHR does it and is seamless (natively it has to be a thread).

That's why all the bragging about racing condition applies as much to this
multithreading as to current callbacks, promises, asyncs and awaits...

If you will fight against it... fight in the foundations. I'm proposing us
to keep the flow.

Every async would be run in a thread from a pool. Chained or not,
infectious or not, sharing variables or not... is an internal change I'm
proposing here.
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