Proposal of Multithread JavaScript

Leo Dutra at
Wed Nov 2 15:08:34 UTC 2016

Bösch, this is the legacy of callbacks.

ECMA does a great job with specs, but JS does every step to solve the last

Callback became a promise for modularity. Promise is hidden in async await
for simplicity. Common constructs, but in JS they came in being adapted for
JS world.

As I said, immutability is not strong in JS as it is not a PURE functional
programming language.

Weird or not, this led us to the possibility of multithreading with total
share and mutability.

If we wanna multithread in here, we have to respect all the JavaScript
legacy. And the JavaScript legacy hurts Java/C#/whatever feelings cause IT

As said in my first argumentation, we have race condition problems and
total share of scope and none died because of it. Multithread can be used
to run these callbacks, functions and promises seamlessly and if we want it
different... that's a huge bad conversation about foundations of JavaScript
and a total change that would wreck the JS world and let us to anything
that is not JS.

We have to decide if we stick with scope sharing and mutability or look for
another language. JS is what it is.
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