Conditional object properties

Luke Mitchell luke at
Wed Nov 2 12:18:37 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I often come across a situation where I wish to extend an object
(usually an argument for an API request) if a particular condition is
satisfied, such as the presence of a function parameter. Currently the
only way to do this is by assigning the object to a variable, checking
the condition using an `if` statement and then extending the object. I
am proposing the inclusion of an operator that allows a property to be
included, subject to a particular condition, inside the object

The operator looks like this:

let obj = {
  cond ? prop: value


The operator could also be used with a block statement, allowing
multiple properties to be included:

let obj = {
  cond ? {
    prop1: value1,
    prop2: value2

I have created a draft proposal and would love to hear any thoughts
you have on the matter. You can find it on my GitHub, at the link

Kind regards,

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