Proposal: expression mode (=)

Yongxu Ren renyongxu at
Tue Nov 1 07:10:03 UTC 2016

Isiah, In your case, if we do
var x = = { a }
there isn't much difference from the `do expression`, actually, it might be
worse since it looks confusing. if it can not be omitted, I'd rather stay
with `do`.

The intent for this proposal is to allow writing better functional code in
javascript. IMO, the `do expression` is a good start, but I think using `=`
(and other operators) is a more elegant since it can be omitted.

Actually, I think I have a better idea to put it together:

*1. besides defining a function, if the block can be legally be replaced by
an expression, while otherwise it would cause parsing error, convert it to
expression block*

*2. if the case is ambiguous or it is been used in function declaration,
adding `=` (actually, using `do` here isn't a bad idea either, but can be
quite ugly for defining function) will enforce block to be parsed as

The goal is to make javascript more functional friendly.
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