A plan to help TC39 become more open up to community contributions and participations

Allen Wirfs-Brock allen at wirfs-brock.com
Tue May 31 17:53:31 UTC 2016

I think this is a very interesting idea.  TC39 has put a lot of effort into community  transparency over the last decade but Ecma International (really most international standards organization) is organizationally not structured or naturally inclined to directly accept “contributions” from individual. Changing this within Ecma has been and will continue to be a slow and sometimes frustrating process.  The idea of a NFP joining Ecma as a community surrogate is an interacting way to approach the problem. I think it could work.

However, while the idea is simple enough the actual process of building and sustaining such a NFP is not so simple. Kevin Smith has already raised some very valid cautions about this. In particular, his cautions about the amount personal time required of you (or any other individuals sharing leadership respondability of the NFP) should not be ignored.

But, I think this really could be a viable solution if you and other organizers of the NFP are sufficiently motivated and committed.

I’d happy to act as an adviser as you try to get this organizers.  


PS, you might find this provides some useful background on TC39 participation: http://wirfs-brock.com/allen/files/papers/standpats-asianplop2016.pdf <http://wirfs-brock.com/allen/files/papers/standpats-asianplop2016.pdf> 

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