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In about every project I have, I write a file or two with this form:

    export let API_USERNAME = `name`
    export let API_TOKEN = `token`
    // etc

Most of the time, when I need one of those variables somewhere, I also need
the other. It might be burdensome, since I end up with something similar to

    import { API_USERNAME } from 'config';
    import { API_TOKEN } from 'config';
    // etc

Of course, I can import all of these token in a single line, but it doesn't
help readability when there is a lot of entries (we all know that
configuration files always end up with a fair number of variables - and
let's not talk about parsers and similar). Plus, it's not very fun to
explicitely write all these names when I just want to tell the engine that
I will need everything similar, pretty please.

Now as for the request: what would you think about adding a new syntax
-nothing too fancy- to import all the symbols that match a *static *pattern?
In the spirit of the `export * from ...` syntax, I feel like the following
could be interesting:

    import { API_* } from 'config';

As for the bad part: there really isn't, actually. This syntax is familiar
with every developer that used globing before, and gives just enough
insight to someone looking at the source code to understand that a variable
named `API_SOMETHING` has been imported from a parent module. Linters would
also be able to help in this regard, since they would just have to
blacklist declaring variables that would conflict with an import prefix.

Any thoughts ?
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