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I agree with Bergi.

> Brendan Eich and think he understood that fairly

I can't see that. He says things like "what's to propose?", "what is declare? I don't think core language needs to grow", "What does this have to do with promises?", "I don't see the point" and "It's not making sense, sorry."

> you should read the Medium article again

How is that article related to `Reflect.create()`?

>  I think it provides a clear intent

I disagree.

> I advice you to read this on MDN which explains what I mean about "not an object"

I can't see where that article explains "not an object". The closest sentence is "`Reflect` is not a function object".

> It's a built-in object

How can a built-in object not be an object?

> Where you need to assign it through a object assignment.

What is "it" in this sentence? What do you mean with "object assignment", exactly?

> we create an logical instance, but not an actual object

What is a "logical instance"? How can an instance not be an object?

> not an actual object like `Object.create` does

Then like what?

> How is this different to Default Param in ES6 / the OR operator?

Exactly. Please answer this question.

> Creates a `Reflect` instance

Does this mean `Reflect` becomes a constructor? Currently it's not.
In which way are these `Reflect` instances special? Why do we need them?

> The target object you want your values to be referenced to.

What values? Referenced in which way?

> The second argument or object you want to refer to, if the target fails.

What does "fail" mean?

> fail, undefined, null or similar.

"fail" and "similar" are too vague

> This is an object, which we can turn straight into a function on the fly if we want to. 

How do you turn an object straight into a function on the fly?

> Example

I don't understand what the example is supposed to show

> This is equivalent

The first example seems to have two alternative codes, the second example only one. Which one is "this"?

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