Bergi a.d.bergi at
Thu May 26 20:21:56 UTC 2016

even stensberg wrote:

> I wrote up a draft about how I'd like this to look at:

I'm sorry for the harsh tone, but that's not a draft.

I tried to read [your medium 
but failed to understand anything (and didn't get any point you were 
going to make). As such, the "Reason" for this proposal is completely 
missing to me.

While I fail to understand what your proposal is all about, it seems to 
have something to do with defaulting values. And great, you've even 
asked the question "How is this different to Default Param in ES6 / the 
OR operator?" yourself in that text - but there is no answer?!

The next thing that completely escaped me is your API description

| `Reflect.create(target, value, [DefaultValue])`
| Creates a Reflect, which is not an object.

Uh, what? What is "a Reflect"?

And the first thing that came to my mind after I read what you're 
talking about is that you should rename the proposal. `Reflect.create` 
will remind everyone of `Object.create` (given that some of the methods 
are duplicated between `Object` and `Reflect`) and one would expect that 
they do the same or at least have a similar purpose.
You seem to be proposing something completly different that has nothing 
to do with creation.

Kind regards,

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