AND and OR in if statement

Jonathan Barronville jonathan at
Wed May 25 01:28:55 UTC 2016

No, please don't do this. While I understand why you want this, I feel like
this is unnecessary and will just introduce yet another way to write
inconsistent and confusing JavaScript code 😕.  
\- Jonathan  
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On May 24 2016, at 9:15 pm, Francis Clavette
<clavette.francis at> wrote:  

> Hi,  


> I’d like to be able to use AND for && and OR for || in conditional
statements in a future version of ECMAScript. It’s a feature I’ve always been
wanting since transitioning from PHP. It’s also much cleaner :  
if ($scope.newSourceModal.isShown() && $scope.newsource.type == "book"
&& (!$scope.insertingFromScan || $scope.ok))  
if ($scope.newSourceModal.isShown() AND $scope.newsource.type == "book" AND
(!$scope.insertingFromScan OR $scope.ok))  


> Francis  

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