"Super" hoisting

Allen Wirfs-Brock allen at wirfs-brock.com
Thu May 12 17:33:30 UTC 2016

> On May 12, 2016, at 9:39 AM, Brian Barnes <ggadwa at charter.net> wrote:
> ...
> If I call doSomething a lot of times, I get a lot of objects to be tracked and GC’d.  Yes, I can rewrite that code to obviously eliminate them, but pretend there is actually something interesting happening here that requires those variables.  And engines can be smart enough to mark them and deal with them with the function ends (I don’t know if this is done.)
> What I’m thinking is some kind of class based hint that would “super” hoist all local function variables.  It would be sugar but it would transform it into:

Local variables like a,b,c in your example are probably the least expensive construct in JS. In your example, there are no objects created by doSomething, not state that persists after doSomething  returns, and no GC pressure. Anything you do WRT moving such local state into object properties is going to be more expensive.


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