Tracking proposals should be standardized with issues

Brandon Andrews warcraftthreeft at
Wed May 11 21:58:22 UTC 2016

For those not aware of the "currently compiled list" he's referring to this It has no clear history other than viewing the change log.

I agree. Ideally every link on that page should link to an issue that tracks the information. This would allow for much cleaner archival of proposals. People just need to be clear that each proposal issue is for status purposes only. The issue for each proposal could contain a link to the proposal's github repo where the mailing list and issues could be found.

> It would also be worthwhile to organize more general design ideas into issues that could be referenced by specific proposals.

The thinking right now seems to be that people creating proposals should reference mailing list discussions directly. Creating issues would just mean people would be referencing an issue which then references mailing list threads. I do see the the usefulness though. Currently there are probably over 10 threads for null coalescing operators under multiple names. The mailing list has no method for marking duplicates so the posts generally just reference each other. I posted about this months ago, but I don't think there's any interest in simplifying this.

In theory under the current system you should create a proposal then get it to stage 0 then everyone would reference the proposal which would then reference the full list of discussions. That is general design ideas really just need a stage 0 proposal.

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