One-shot Delimited Continuations with Effect Handlers

Sebastian Markbåge sebastian at
Wed Mar 16 19:36:31 UTC 2016

> Isn't the problem we actually need to solve here the fact we're not able
> to control scheduling or context in async functions?
> Other languages with async functions like Python and C# provide the means
> to control the scheduling of async functions.

Algebraic effects also allows the side-effect itself (e.g. the network
request), to be intercepted in a context. Zones doesn't let you do that.

However async is only part of the problem. See Ben Newman's describing the
capabilities of generators that are not available to async functions.

There are many use cases for generators that are not limited to the "async"
use case and those still have to be solved.

So, yes, that's a limitation but not the only limitation.
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