One-shot Delimited Continuations with Effect Handlers

Sebastian Markbåge sebastian at
Wed Mar 16 01:14:09 UTC 2016

It's possible that this pattern matching feature can be decoupled into a
separate proposal though. You'd need a way to call an iterator but only
receive specific matches and reyield the rest.

On Tue, Mar 15, 2016 at 6:05 PM, Sebastian Markbåge <sebastian at>

> Perhaps if there was a way to wrap any arbitrary expression with a
>> generator that captured any yielded values and allowed resumption by
>> calling .next(), then you could accomplish this without inventing new
>> try-catch syntax?
> Yea, except you need to be able to nest them inside each other as well.
> If a generator captured any yielded values, then it would be yielded at
> the inner most caller.
> You could handle this the way JavaScript does exception handling by
> "rethrowing" errors it didn't handle. I.e. if you see a yield that you
> don't recognize you would re-yield it.
> In my use case I can have many nested handlers and I want to handle a
> particular type at the top of the stack. If you have to conditionally
> "reyield" all the way up there, you miss out on potential important
> optimizations.
> This is related to "enums" and "pattern matching" too. The current pattern
> matching proposal also doesn't have any optimizations either.
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