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Thu Jun 16 10:56:02 UTC 2016

I believe Symbols are all actually non-enumerable which will void the
suggestion. And please, stop trying to add all kinds of trivial variations
of property extraction methods already. I also oppose the recently
proposed Object.enumerableKeys and gang.

On Thu, Jun 16, 2016 at 9:25 AM, doodad-js Admin <doodadjs at> wrote:

> >> Well, a map is more often of dynamic size, mapping from one specific
> type T to another specific type U. (Of course, either can be variants.) An
> object is a bag of properties of fixed size, with keys of type
> string|symbol, values of a type specific to the property, metadata from the
> property descriptor, and a prototype chain.
> That’s exactly what I think of objects and Map. So back to
> “Object.symbols” :)
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