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Alexander Jones alex at
Wed Jun 15 23:01:44 UTC 2016

Not in general, just for map-like usages, i.e. if you have an object where
the keys are not static, you probably would be better served by a map.

The problem with those functions you describe is that there are a
large combinatorial set of them - did you want configurable, own,
non-enumerable string-keyed properties? Map is both narrower in this sense
(a map item is JUST a key and value with no metadata), and wider in its
valid key types (no toString called!), which is more appropriate for many



On Wednesday, 15 June 2016, doodad-js Admin <doodadjs at> wrote:

> > I consider all of the 'get some arbitrary subset of properties from an
> object' use cases obsoleted by `Map`. But maybe I'm missing something
> obvious or not-so-obvious...?
> Objects, obsolete with Map ? “Map” is not meant to replace objects, is it ?
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