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Tue Jun 14 19:06:10 UTC 2016

> What's the point of using `reduce` instead of `every`?

Of course. Updated to use `.every`.

I disagree with this test
> ```js
> expect([2, 3].includesAll()).toBe(false)
> ```

> The array `[2,3]` includes all items in `[]`. So it should return `true`.

 There are no items in `[]` so that doesn't seem like a true statement to
However, one could argue both ways. So I look at `.includes`:
[].includes() // false
[1]includes() // false
// and so on...
So, at least consistency pulls towards `false`.

> It'd be nicer if it took an array, rather than being variadic. That also
preserves the ability to add extra arguments in the future.

I see the point. Updated to use a single array argument.


Here it is:
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