Can strict parameters shadow strict function names?

Bergi a.d.bergi at
Thu Jun 9 17:58:08 UTC 2016

Mark S. Miller wrote:
> var foo = function bar(bar) {'use strict'};
> On all version of Safari/JSC I just tested, this code gives a
> SyntaxError: Invalid parameters or function name in strict mode.
> On all versions of Chrome/v8 and FF/SpiderMonkey I just tested, this code
> is accepted without error.
> Which behavior is incorrect?

This appears to be a bug in Safari/JSC.

> Is this an ES5 vs ES2015 issue?

No, both ES5 <> and ES6 
only have a syntax error if there are duplicate *parameter* names, 
regardless of the name of the function.

> We are running into this when loading the output of a minifier as strict
> code.

Guess you should file a bug there - it a) doesn't make sense to name a 
function expression (does it ever in minified code) and use the same 
name for a parameter b) it should not fail in real-world engines even if 
the spec says something else.


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