operator overloading proposal

Benjamin Gruenbaum benjamingr at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 13:22:42 UTC 2016

I see some discussion is happening - that's good.

As I don't want to see the tremendous amount of work people put into value
types and operator overloading go to waste - let's bring Brendan and
Christian into this discussion and start with a link to Brendan's 2013


Let's consider value semantics for this.

> I've been working on implementing operator overloading and would like to
submit a proposal.

> I think operator overloading would be a useful addition to the language.
In particular I think it would be useful for defining operations on common
mathematical object types such as complex numbers, vectors, matrices, and

> I've create a working prototype that consists of:

> babel plugin that rewrites operators as function calls
> a polyfill which defines these functions and which call the correct
argument-specific function based on the arguments' prototypes
> Function.defineOperator which can be used to define which function an
operator should use for the specified types
> "use overloading" directive which allows users to opt-in
> More details can be found at kevinbarabash/operator-overloading. The
babel plugin can be found at
kevinbarabash/babel-plugin-operator-overloading. I also have a demo project
at kevinbarabash/operator-overloading-demo.

The design was inspired by some of the slides from
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