A plan to help TC39 become more open up to community contributions and participations

G. Kay Lee balancetraveller+es-discuss at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 04:36:37 UTC 2016

Hi Allen, thanks for extending your support :-D

My observation as well as belief is that, if a community effort has turned
out to be successful, than volunteers will flock together and the movement
/ organization will be able to self-sustain for quite long enough. So the
issue has always been how to make sure a community effort is on the right
track toward success from the get-go.

For this specific effort, at this specific stage, I think what we need
right now is to add more credibility to this whole endeavor (since I'm not
a familiar, high-profile figure), so I'm going to spend some time doing
research to put forward a more concrete plain written down in plain text,
and just go ahead with it. I believe with each progress we'll eventually
attract more interested parties and once we garner enough attention and
participation, we'll solve the "not-enough-time" problem. Hopefully. We'll
see ;-)

Again, very glad to receive your support. Will keep you posted whenever
there's some new progress.

On Wed, Jun 1, 2016 at 1:53 AM, Allen Wirfs-Brock <allen at wirfs-brock.com>

> I think this is a very interesting idea.  TC39 has put a lot of effort
> into community  transparency over the last decade but Ecma International
> (really most international standards organization) is organizationally not
> structured or naturally inclined to directly accept “contributions” from
> individual. Changing this within Ecma has been and will continue to be a
> slow and sometimes frustrating process.  The idea of a NFP joining Ecma as
> a community surrogate is an interacting way to approach the problem. I
> think it could work.
> However, while the idea is simple enough the actual process of building
> and sustaining such a NFP is not so simple. Kevin Smith has already raised
> some very valid cautions about this. In particular, his cautions about the
> amount personal time required of you (or any other individuals sharing
> leadership respondability of the NFP) should not be ignored.
> But, I think this really could be a viable solution if you and other
> organizers of the NFP are sufficiently motivated and committed.
> I’d happy to act as an adviser as you try to get this organizers.
> Allen
> PS, you might find this provides some useful background on TC39
> participation:
> http://wirfs-brock.com/allen/files/papers/standpats-asianplop2016.pdf
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