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Kris Siegel krissiegel at
Sun Jul 31 18:56:54 UTC 2016

The syntax could stay the same while adding the other way as well. Yes it
adds a complication but I don't know that auto complete friendliness was
considered when adding the original syntax.

You can't really say the editor is the problem because there are cases in
which an editor can't realistically guess where the imported item will be
coming from for an auto complete but with the suggested changes it could as
Ali suggests.

I would say making the syntax more auto complete friendly should be a topic
to explore. Makes it easier for developers (which should be the goal of
almost all standard changes).

On Jul 31, 2016 11:50 AM, "Frankie Bagnardi" <f.bagnardi at> wrote:

> It's too late to change the import syntax. The problem is your editor, not
> the syntax. Over time more editors will support import syntax, either
> directly or with plugins. For now, you just have to wait.
> On Sun, Jul 31, 2016 at 3:38 AM, Ali Ghanavatian <
> ghanavatian.ali at> wrote:
>> Hello there,
>> I am writing to express weak point currently affects the import syntax.
>> As you know current syntax is not editor (specially auto-complete) friendly
>> as editor would not have any clue about what is about to be imported and
>> from where.
>> import { ComponentName } from 'path/to/module-file';
>> My suggestion is to add support for this syntax:
>> from 'path/to/module-file' import { ComponentName };
>> Which makes auto-completion and development easier.
>> I think it deserves a proposal, but it's my first idea. I really
>> appreciate any sort of guidance and suggestion about this issue and how to
>> put it into the standard.
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