Questions about Proxy.[[OwnPropertyKeys]] and the List type

saam barati saambarati1 at
Fri Feb 26 00:53:20 UTC 2016

I’m currently implementing section 9.5.11 of the spec (
Sections 17 and 19 perform the Remove operation on the List type. How is
the Remove
operation defined? Is it defined to just delete the first instance of
something in the List or all instances?
Is this defined somewhere? (If so, I couldn’t find it. Sorry if it’s
there.) If not, maybe it’s worth defining?

Also, it appears the the algorithm defined in 9.5.11 allows for duplicate
entries to be returned by
this trap under certain circumstances (dependent on how List::Remove is
defined). Is this intended?
I think this would be the only place where [[OwnPropertyKeys]] has
duplicate entries. Maybe we should
guarantee the items are unique?

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