Weak Reference proposal

Daniel Ehrenberg dehrenberg at chromium.org
Tue Feb 16 22:02:44 UTC 2016

I think this proposal is currently at Stage 0, right? Do we typically
put Stage 0 proposals on the TC39 GitHub? My understanding was that
proposals typically get moved after Stage 2.


On Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 11:35 PM, Dean Tribble <tribble at e-dean.com> wrote:
> I have posted a stage 1 proposal for weak references in ES7 for your perusal
> and feedback.
> https://github.com/tc39/proposal-weakrefs.git
> Thanks to Mark Miller and the authors of earlier proposals for help with the
> document and content!  Finally thanks to a few intrepid early reviewers for
> their edits, comments, and feedback.
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