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Mon Feb 1 16:01:13 UTC 2016

Well, try and define "natural" in the context of constructed languages.
If this was a question of "naturalness" (whatever that may be), then really any deviation from what the language currently is, is "unnatural".
Anyway, we're here to discuss, not to blindly judge. :)

Note that the parens serve no purpose whatsoever.
They're actually just a relic dating back to Ken Thompson's re-interpretation of BCPL, B (1969), which in turn did this, because in FORTRAN,
`if x` and `ifx` looked the same to the parser; the parens were thus needed for the parser to differentiate between the two.

Since C derived from B, virtually any language that derived from it adapted to this redundant syntax; nowadays, the parens exist solely for decoration.

[Douglas Crockford]( and [Brendan Eich]( seem
to be in favor of making them optional; that's why the strawman exists.

On Montag, 1. Februar 2016 15:47:52 CET Alican Çubukçuoğlu wrote:
> Isn't this very unnatural? If you are into this kind of thing, why don't
> you code Coffee for example? (Or don't since saving a few keystrokes isn't
> worth your dignity.)
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