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Sun Aug 28 22:09:44 UTC 2016

I use `const` by default as well, but I don't think saving two 
characters is worth giving up readability. Newcomers might even think 
that "ungrammatical" abbreviations such as `cst` could stand for `cast`, 
`constructor` or similar terms related to programming.

In terms of hindsight, it could have been great if `let` could have been 
our `const`, and something like `let mut` or `let mutable` or even `mut` 
or `mutable` could have been our `let`. Defaulting to values being 
constant and making them mutable explicitly would be an approach that, 
for instance, Rust followed.

Anyway, we're stuck with it now, and if typing `const` takes too much 
time, consider creating a keyboard macro that types in `const` for you. ;)

On 08/28/16 22:49, Michael Theriot wrote:
> I also thought cst would have been good. My petty issue is that when 
> declaring variables all of my constants have a different indentation.
> I define all of my arrow functions with const so I use it fairly often.
> On Sun, Aug 28, 2016 at 6:59 AM, Cyril Auburtin 
> <cyril.auburtin at <mailto:cyril.auburtin at>> wrote:
>     After a year of using `const`, I got used to it, but even with
>     that I often feel losing time using it, with those 2 additional
>     chars. It's really unfortunate because it's by far the most
>     frequently used for variables assignments.
>     It's also really close to *cons*ole(.log,...), annoying with
>     auto-completers
>     Thing are probably frozen at this time, but `cst`, `ref`, `val`
>     would have been interesting
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