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The whole point of a WeakMap is that without a strong reference to the key,
you can't have a strong reference to the value. A `values()` iterator would
give you a strong reference to the value without you needing to have a
strong reference to the key.

If that's your use case, use a `Map`, or use multiple `WeakMap`s.

On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 10:55 PM, 현우박 <nemo1275 at> wrote:

> I know it's the design choice that WeakSet and WeakMap's key is not
> enumurable because it's weak, but I think values in WeakMap is little
> different.
> WeakSet's values and WeakMap's keys must not be referenced from the
> map/set itself. If values from WeakSet can be accessed, then it cannot be
> GCed. And it's not we want for WeakMap/Set.
> But well, WeakMap's values ARE referenced from WeakMap, via map.get(key).
> So values in WeakMap cannot GCed until it's matching key is GCed, and it's
> intended feature.
> My suggestion is, a new WeakMap method that does same thing as
> Map.prototype.values(). With such method, we can utilize JS runtime's GC
> functionality in userspace.
> For example, I'm planning to make immutable data structures on
> SharedArrayBuffer to boost data passing speed between Workers. As you may
> know proper GC is the important problem for immutable data structure. But
> in this case GC is not the free lunch as data is shared between multiple JS
> context. So I need to check manually what data node is still visible in
> each context, and clear unused data manually.
> Please tell me your idea about this suggestion
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