Fix Left-Associative Compound Conditional Statements!!

Joseph Groseclose jgrosecl49 at
Thu Sep 24 14:50:32 UTC 2015

Isn't this logic theoretically broken? If any existing code is using it,
the code that is using it is probably performing an invalid or inaccurate
operation and therefore this would only break that code so much as it was
already not functioning as expected?

On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 10:40 AM, Kevin Smith <zenparsing at> wrote:

> Actually, scratch that, its not even JUST a matter of convenience. A
>> simple evaluation in your developer console will tell you that this
>> currently evaluates inconveniently (I am avoiding the term "incorrectly"
>> here because it is not theoretically incorrect if we consider these
>> evaluations left associative):
> Since this proposal would change the semantics of existing valid programs,
> it would be a breaking change.  And breaking changes aren't really
> "allowed" (breaking the web and all that).
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