Property ordering of [[Enumerate]] / getOwnPropertyNames()

John-David Dalton john.david.dalton at
Wed Sep 2 23:10:18 UTC 2015


> [Enumerate]] must obtain the own property keys of the target object as if
by calling its [[OwnPropertyKeys]] internal method

Whoa that's tricky language. I assumed reading it that [[Enumerable]] was
to follow the order of [[OwnPropertyKeys]] (as part of "as if by") and
walking the prototype chain.

It's odd to me that:

  Reflect.ownKeys() has defined order but
  Reflect.enumerate() doesn't

I'm using Reflect.enumerate() to create a `keysIn` implementation (like
`keys` but for own & inherited key names).

:+1: for more defined behavior in ES7.

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