Default call constructor behavior

Isiah Meadows isiahmeadows at
Mon Oct 26 02:59:02 UTC 2015

According to the current call constructor proposal, the behavior for
classes without call constructors is to unconditionally throw.
Shouldn't this be changed to automatically calling the constructor? I
see this as better for several reasons:

1. It's consistent with most of the builtins, including all of the new
ES6 types.
2. It's easier to integrate into several libraries. I've run into a
ton of issues with trying to add support for ES6 classes in a specific
library written for ES5 for this reason. I can use `C.apply(null,
args)` instead of `new (Function.apply(C.bind,
3. It's easier to use in functional programming. (``
instead of ` => new Book(title))`)
4. It's easier to partially apply. It would make the implementation of
the proposed Function.prototype.partial very easy, as well as simplify
and speed up Function.prototype.bind for classes, as assumptions can
be made.

Isiah Meadows

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