The Gamepad API assumes you aren't using the gamepad.

Carl Smith carl.input at
Sun Oct 25 09:13:21 UTC 2015

​Thanks for the link, Florian. I hadn't seen that. I don't think you can
emulate the mouse with pointerlock. It works differently.​

The thing is, I don't think the Gamepad API needs extending. It needs
removing from ES6​. It will never work without breaking everything
that uses it.

Currently, no extension can use the Gamepad API without conflicting with
any other extension that uses it, and the entire Web. And the browser
can never offer first-class support for pads for the same reason.

To the extent that we can't break the Gamepad API, we can't use pads in
extensions or to control the browser. As we go into a SmartTV era, that
will probably be pretty bad.
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