Why is no line break is needed in ArrowFunction?

Brian Terlson Brian.Terlson at microsoft.com
Wed Oct 21 20:39:03 UTC 2015

Sure, this works for syntax questions.

Today no expression can start with =>, but there is the headless arrows proposal[1] which might add one. IIRC we wanted to be future compatible.

I’m not sure what the motivation for [no LT here] in yield * was, but I support it on the grounds that splitting yield and * across lines is bad :-P In general better to be more conservative than less, I suppose.

1. https://bterlson.github.io/headless-arrows

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Try to write a parser for es6, is this the right place for question about syntax?

There is no expression or statement start with =>, same goes to yield  [no LineTerminator here] * AssignmentExpression ?

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