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Mozilla hosts that site. I’ve filed <> to report the problem.


> On Oct 16, 2015, at 11:54 PM, Istvan Sebestyen <istvan at> wrote:
> Mark and TC39 members,
> the short story that may be behind this is the following:
> when Allen W-B was visiting Ecma after the Paris TC39 meeting we spoke about all those places that were outside of Ecma and were apparently phasing out (that was what Allen told us), especially because now everything goes to Github.
> We have planned that for all such places like the Wiki, the ESDiscuss, which may go down one day we should try to archive as much information as possible on the Ecma website. 
> We knew it would not be perfect, but that is an obligation a Standardization Organization has to do.
> Of course since this was outside of Ecma we need help how to archive best such things.
> Ok, that was the plan. Until today nothing of it could be realized.
> Which I understand, to bring out the ES6, to work on ES7 had a higher priority.
> But now we need to wake up that project.
> We need to make it sure that those sides are up and running again, at least until we can perform the archiving, but the Ecma Secretariat needs also help (we talked to Allen about that), how to do it concretely?
> Only then can the office do anything.
> Kind regards,
> Istvan  
> Dr. István Sebestyén
> Ecma International
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> What's up, er down, with<> ?
> Still down. ETA?
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