Curried functions

Yongxu Ren renyongxu at
Thu Oct 15 20:20:23 UTC 2015

I think you were talking about are cases like this:
let add = (x,y,...z) => x+y+Math.max(z);
Since rested argument always has to be the last parameter, I guess this should’t be a big problem if we can interpret this case as:

//regular function and the rested argument are not curried by default
let add = (x,y) => function(...z){
	return x+y+Math.max(z);
As long as we express it consistently, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Also, I do not believe this will be a problem:

> Too late, ```add(a)``` already returns ```a + undefined```.

First, I do not think anyone will ever intended to write code like this,

Second, if someone accidentally returned a function instead of an object, or a different function, it should be very obvious and can be very easily debugged.

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