Are there any 64-bit number proposals under consideration?

Brandon Andrews warcraftthreeft at
Sat Nov 14 05:09:33 UTC 2015

You can view the current proposals here:

There are none that mention 64-bit types. The closest might be the "Typed Objects" proposal.

I started a competing type proposal (still in the theory stages) here in an effort to define types into the core language. (Compared to adding ad-hoc objects for every proposed type). Something like that would take years progress through the proposal system though. (Been too busy to finalize it and present it for stage 0).

Right now the lack of 64-bit integer types is also holding back the TypedArray stuff from supporting them. There was also this post from 4 years ago:

Not much progress on any fronts though from what I've seen. From reading a lot of the mailing list casually there were quite a few users against adding more types or extending the language with types in the past. Not sure if they're still here though.

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