Is let let = 1 a valid statement?

Eric Suen at
Fri Nov 13 07:18:32 UTC 2015

My bad, I mixd it with esprima, on Chrome and Firefox in loose mode, let 
declaration is not support.
so it's syntax error, in esprima, let let = 1 is invalid, but let private = 
1 is valid.

"Eric Suen" 
news:CADSmRNY42euUWs4akZW4_2QSBnG+m_T+Ke-y8Mh1tAUaG9z-ww at

In both Chrome and Firefox,

let FutureReservedWord = expr is invalid, but const | var
FutureReservedWord = expr is valid, is this defined in ES 6 or
historical reason?

let/const both are LexicalDeclaration, why behave differently?

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