Status of Chrome Proxy in face of Object.observe removal

Simon Blackwell syblackwell at
Fri Nov 6 18:16:50 UTC 2015

In the face of the announcment that the  Object.observe standard proposal
is being revoked and commentary that seems to indicate that at a minimum
either Proxy or Object.observe is needed, does anyone know the status of
re-introduction of Proxy into Chrome and v8?

To support both Firefox and Chrome we actually have bi-directional
polyfills, e.g. Proxy in terms of Observe form Chrome and Observe in terms
of Proxy for Firefox. Having neither in Chrome and v8 will be quite
painful. We could override get/set on all properties for all objects and
re-define Object.create to accomplish what we need in Chrome, but that
seems pretty invasive and risky. We are trying to move our codebase away
from doing such things.
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