An update on Object.observe

Fish Rock fishrock123 at
Mon Nov 2 20:10:43 UTC 2015

Hi there. This is Jeremiah Senkpiel aka Fishrock123 from the Node.js TSC.

Because of how the node module ecosystem works removing features is able to have great destructive impact on us. As such I'd like if extra considerations could be made beyond just chrome's usage.

Getting stats is harder but I'll work on it.

This functionally has been exposed unflagged since Node v0.11.4 and will have to be supported in one way other for the next 30ish months in our v4 Long-Term-Support release line.

Also, since people can often tell what version of Node they are going to be wrong code for, it's much more common to use native features rather than pollyfills. Which means there is no fallback.


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