Class decorators and async process

Brendan Eich brendan at
Wed May 27 17:49:38 UTC 2015

Alexandre Louis Marc Morgaut wrote:
>> Sync is out of bounds in browsers, and for Node.js apart from require -- a rift indeed between the two embeddings.
> Just to be fair, Sync is still appreciated in some situations in JS like
> - in Dedicated Workers,

Good point. Still not in specs but proposed via W3C or WHATWG (I 
forget). Anyone have a fresh link?

> - in other SSJS platforms like RingoJS, Wakanda, APE, …

Sure, but I wrote "in browsers" :-|. Didn't mean to exclude non-Node 
SSJS platforms. Then there are the "isomorphic" approaches that may 
compile out sync into async, e.g. Meteor.

> - as it is also in Node.js when writing CLI applications (then tricks are occasionaly used in addition to Sync APIs);-)

Right, thanks.


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