why not just import new language into browser?

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Tue May 26 16:22:09 UTC 2015

在 15/5/26 20:46, Matthew Robb 写道:
> On Mon, May 25, 2015 at 11:13 PM, eric <calidion at gmail.com 
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>     I would like to suggest a language neutro interface for all
>     languages inside all browsers.
> ​I hate to be the broken record guy but I guess on these lists we're 
> bound to see new people come in all the time and needing old answers. 
> Javascript IS the neutral interface for all languages.
> See 
> https://github.com/jashkenas/coffeescript/wiki/List-of-languages-that-compile-to-JS 
> - Matthew Robb
I hate to be misunderstood and mislead one question to another.

javascript can be a neutral language for those who want to be compiled 
to javascript.

but it is a language.

C++ can be compiled to C too.
no one would say C is a neutral language interface.

Such misleading is what I hate most.

I think the booming of frontend programming will lead to the booming of 
the frontend projects.
and therefore the booming of programmers from various backgrounds.

so javascript certainly can not meet all the needs to those programmers.

the change of ES6, ES7 shows this trend.

It is time for browsers to move forward not to just change the 
javascript where it is but to introduce more languages both compilable 
(for efficiency) or scriptable.

the key job for javascript is to handle the dom which is defined by w3c 
specification and it's related events.
simply put BOM, DOM.

formerly there was vbscript which did the same job as javascript.

today it is the time for the browser side languages to boom.

in this way, javascript remains untained and programmers from various 
backgrounds can be easily turned into frontend programmers without 

the translation of languages into javascript or the evolving of ecma 
version will do no good in this new trend.

but only get frustrated both by former javascript programmers and 
newbies from other languages.

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