Class decorators and async process

Brendan Eich brendan at
Mon May 25 23:09:36 UTC 2015

Gray Zhang wrote:
> It’s OK, I just wait for |this.weapon| to resolve, but then my |hit| 
> method becomes async, and everything based on |@inject| property 
> should be async, which is not actually what I want.

Async can be contaminating, yes.

Sync is out of bounds in browsers, and for Node.js apart from require -- 
a rift indeed between the two embeddings.

>     Is the decorator idea based on extended property descriptors
>     actually being used, e.g., with Babel? Sorry if I missed it.
> Decorator is now supported with Babel 5.0 and I was trying this these 
> days, expecting it could be integrated with our IoC framework, just as 
> how Spring works in Java.

I thought so; my aside was a note of caution: this descriptor-extension 
approach to decorators is provisional, draft-y, and at the last meeting 
questioned by enough people on TC39 that I would want to check out 
alternatives to see how that affects your async-contamination situation. 
Looks like even more static approaches are even more async-unfriendly, 
at a glance, but I haven't thought deeply about it.


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