Label statement moveable

L4L lv2lrn4lf at
Tue May 19 18:45:27 UTC 2015

Since we have block scope, and we have continue statement to which we can use in loops to jump back to the conduction statement part. 

Than can we consider making label stamens moveable by its name. 

I'll like to say that the side effect would be sudo(pseudo) function, example:

function foo(v){
  return v + 1;

  var i = 0;

    i += 1;

continue baz;//same as foo(i);


Note that I said sudo function. Its mobility is what of value; depending on how JavaScript handle the continue statement in a loop to transport that effect out side a loop. 

Stripping this privilege to black scope; where the continue statement is expanded to work only in block scope and nested block scope; to where it can only jump to the beginning of that block or any other block scope that is scoped to that outer block scope but not nested block scope with in the scope... Like function.

Continue and break statement could be of more power; where we can avoid some function call in "speed matter" application.

Excuse any grammar errors. 


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