Determine if a value is Callable/Constructible

Domenic Denicola d at
Mon Mar 30 15:54:25 UTC 2015

From: Kevin Smith [mailto:zenparsing at] 

> I'd imagine that you'd re-spec [[Call]] for class constructors to basically do `this[](...args)` instead of just throw.  It would therefore only have an effect within class constructors.  Is that still weird?

At least it's explicable, but it's still pretty weird I think. I mean, we don't specify [[Construct]] by saying that it does `new this.prototype.constructor(...args)` or similar. The asymmetry is jarring.

And it's weird to have this symbol with such a generic name that doesn't work for anything except class syntax. I'd expect symbols to be for re-usable protocols... that's fuzzy intuition though, I admit, and might be contradicted by existing examples.

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