Supporting feature tests directly

James Kyle me at
Thu Mar 26 04:32:38 UTC 2015

This exists:

On Wed, Mar 25, 2015 at 8:12 PM, liorean <liorean at> wrote:

> As I see it, what might be more desireable than a straight shallow feature
> test or feature support reporting feature would be an official versioned
> test library, possibly including tests of pure internals, and a new
> standard api for asking the engine for the results it gets for running a
> certain test or set of tests. The engine could then either have its results
> collected at build time and cashed results for that particular build built
> into the api, or allow the user to require the result of getting the test
> and executing it live, with the issues that comes with that. One possible
> result, except the obvious success and fail, is of course that a certain
> test didn't exist at the time of the build and thus not tested.
> Of course, the earliest something like that could be in the language would
> be ECMAScript 7...
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